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FEATURING: Lucio Saints , Francesco D’Macho


Francesco D’Macho is very happy with Lucio Saint’s tailoring, and loves how he looks in the mirrors, but when Lucio hands him the bill, the cost of the suit sends him over the edge. He starts berating Lucio about the amount of the bill. Lucio isn’t used to his customers nickel and diming him and when Francesco refuses to pay, he gets angry enough to cut up the work he did leaving Francesco half naked and ready to be Fucked! Don’t miss watching as these two angry and tattooed males fuck intensely!

Antonio, Nick, and Chad are all groping one another as the camera pans in and finds this incredibility hot trio getting ready for sweaty raw action. Each takes turns on their hands and knees servicing each others cock. Chad displays his oral gifts as he swallows Antonio’s gigantic 10 x 7 uncut shaft straight down to the base.

Bareback That Hole Oct.26,2012

Chad is bent over and made to expose his twitching hairy hole. Antonio and Nick bury their faces into Chads crack, and tag team rimming his hole as they tease with their fingers. Antonio taunts his ass as he slowly inserts his monster cock head into his raw hole with nothing more than Nicks spit. Nick and Antonio continue to tag team his ass as they each pummel Chads bare hole in a variety of positions.

Antonio’s huge hanging bull balls are a sight to see as they sway and slap Chads pierced guiche. Antonio shoots his load and breeds Chads hole with a huge thick load. He pulls his cock out and continues to shoot hot sperm all over his raw hole. Tattooed Nick plays janitor as he sucks and cleans off Antonio’s cock. He also buries his face into Chads sloppy hole as he felches out the rest of Antonio’s load. With his lips covered in sloppy cum he sticks his own cock into Chads hole more….

Liam Corolla is back in the studio, along with the always popular Kodi. The two boys were already bare chested before the cameras even started rolling, a clear sign that they were both looking forward to getting the show on the road. While Liam has had a handjob from Ross, today would be the first time he has ever gone ‘all the way’, thus, he can’t decide if he is more excited about the prospect of making some easy cash or getting to fuck Kodi’s twink ass.

Kodi, on the other hand, said he wasn’t looking forward to it at all but the slight grin on his face belied his statement. Eager to move forward, the two boys stripped off their jeans and shorts, revealing half hard cocks. At my hint, Liam dropped to his knees and wrapped a hand around the shaft of Kodi’s dick. Mouth open wide, Liam leaned forward and slid the hardening cock into his straight boy mouth. Click here to watch this video!



Release Date: Oct. 19, 2012 … Matt Sizemore and Ray Boy

Bareback That Hole is all about hot guys having hot raw sex whether it’s breeding an eager hole, snowballing a huge wad of cum, or felching a freshly fucked hole. We take horny guys that love bareback sex and partner them together with one another. Some of our guys are established porn stars like Dominik Rider, Sage Daniels, Jake Wetmore, etc. , others are hot looking members of the site, while others are eager barebackers that just want their chance at some hot raw sex. We delight in bringing you some of the best bareback porn on the web. The sex is real and authentic, filmed with the passion and intensity that only raw sex can deliver. No bullshit story lines to get sidetracked by. No fake acting. Just eager dudes that love intense skin on skin man to man action. Today we’re excited to release a hot new video featuring Matt Sizemore and the colorfully tattooed Ray Boy!

Matt Sizemore and Roy Boy

Matt Sizemore - Bareback That Hole Matt Sizemore is a Gay Porn screen legend. and we’re thrilled to have him perform in our scenes. He is the personification of what a Hot Daddy should be. Matt has a beautiful sculpted body, a fantastic 9’ cut cock, and he shoots the thickest and whitest cum ever seen on our site. He literally explodes in all of his scenes and shows us why you only get finer and better with age.

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Tommy’s imagination continues to wander, this time into the room with the cocky,
muscular Cesar Santos and the sweet-assed Oscar Blanco. Both are in front of a
mirror admiring their bodies. Ohhhhh. Cesar’s got such bulging biceps, hot
tattoos and a cock with the nicest rocket head. Oscar’s got an ass to die for
with the pinkest hole a man can have without being called feminine. He’s far
from that, though, with that chiseled chest and those nice, shaved balls. Cesar
can’t help but to notice Oscar, but it’s Oscar who really envies Cesar so much
so that he takes Cesar’s underwear and rubs it all over his body. Oscar ends up
on his knees worshipping Cesar and that fucking hot manhood of his. It’s not
long before Cesar realizes he has the sweetest ass in the world in front of him
and takes it for all it’s worth. The two muscle men definitely deserve one
another their cocky, teasing attitudes that make most men jealous.

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While cleaning out a bunch of junk at Toolbox HQ, hot and masculine Latino porn stars Jean Franco and Lucio Saints find a box with some curious items. They stop to investigate and the moment Lucio sees the harness, he strips out of his blue jumpsuit and tries it on. It’s a perfect fit for the handsome, pierced, and tattooed stud! Then Jean finds the red leather cockring. Naturally, since Lucio got to try on one of the items, Jean has to do the same. With Lucio’s help, Jean is soon wearing the funky contraption as well as holding onto his cock, which is now rock hard.

Jean Franco and Lucio Saints find a box of toys and have sweaty sex

From there, if monster cock sucking, rimming, and anal play is your thing, make sure you stop to sniff the man scents. These two studs get sweaty as they fuck but, then again, if YOU were the one getting impaled with Lucio’s monster cock, you’d have that look on your face as well! You know the one. It’s the look that says “Oh my FUCKING god. I can’t believe I took the whole thing!”

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Okay, so maybe cock and ball worship isn’t exactly the main event in this scene from AlphaMaleFuckers, featuring Issac Jones and Dominic Pacifico. However, there’s a hell of a lot of slobbering, sucking, and special attention to a big pair of balls, as well as both dicks, which can only be described as worship. In fact, you can almost see a certain religious fervor with which these two go at each other! Those big cocks start pitching a tent of their own in their shorts, as opposed to the tent they’ve just walked into. It isn’t long before these men get sweaty while licking, kissing and sucking each other. You’ll love the sheen of Issac’s tats as they gleam with his sweat.

Issac Jones and Dominic Pacifico worship the others cock and balls before fucking in a tent

Seriously guys, the chemistry between these two men is so incredible that something as simple as finger fucking is as arousing as watching Issac’s big dick penetrate the American versatile bottom hunk and fuck the cum out of him. Don’t miss a minute of these two tattooed hunks having gay sex in a video that is exclusive to AlphaMaleFuckers.

High Alert cover

Three scenes, including Boyd’s debut solo for us and his duo with Taylor. Then Taylor joins Ransom and Tatum for a heated threesome.

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Three scenes, including Boyd’s debut solo for us and his duo with Taylor. If you love your men tattooed then don’t miss the scene where Taylor joins Ransom and Tatum for a heated threesome.

Categories: Military Safe Sex Anal Gay Muscles Amateur

Scene Number: 1

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: Active Duty

New recruits for Trojan Rock’s Boot Camp are gathering! In this scene it’s Dean Matthews and Duke Michaels. Both men are hot, tattooed and masculine hunks of British meat. But there’s a problem. These guys are running late and they’ve forgotten their camping gear as well. They make a mad dash back to Dean’s place but once there, they blow off attending the Boot Camp in favor of hot ass pounding sex.

Dean Matthews and Duke Michaels blow off boot camp for hot sweaty sex

After taking turns sucking each other as if they hadn’t had cock in months, Dean gets his ass rimmed and royally pounded by Duke until they both splatter their loads all over. But now that they’ve missed everything, what’s going to happen to them? After all, no one likes being fobbed off. There’s bound to be some sort of repercussion for these two new gay recruits. Guess we’ll just wait and see.

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Drafted: Series 4

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Drafted 4 cover

Check out these guys from the latest Active Duty release, the fourth installment in the Drafted series featuring the hottest tattooed guys in action!

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When we get Bentley in the middle of Brian and Ethan, all the clothes come off and the action between this inked threesome quickly mounts. It doesn’t take much direction to keep it flowing. You don’t want to miss the action when Bentley bottoms for the first time and takes a DP from both cocks!

Stars: Bentley Kaden Kevin

Categories: Military Safe Sex Anal Gay Muscles Amateur

Scene Number: 1

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: Active Duty